we enter winter today

Today is the solstice, as we begin winter

What this means to me……

I look to the tree, by releasing leaves

I imagine the release of outside stressors, money, health,relationships,etc… My energy begins to travel deeper to my roots, balance, nurture, strengthening, fortifying my truth of intention, cleansing myself of any ill will. I am thriving though outside of me it may not be seen. I prepare for my warmth to encompass all that I interact with.yes we can thrive in this awesome universe.





Hello world!

I want to welcome you home, here, however you got here and whatever shape your in….this site is for you and made by us. Please be advised we may duplicate what you’ve written, so freely we send our thoughts to the winds…we will not tolerate bullying or put down. We want to create a safe place to come, contemplate and create our journey as a modern mystic.

Safe travels.

First topic for expansion is listed…enjoy